NACM's UCC Filing Services

UCC-1 Filing Program

NACM's UCC Filing Services handles every part of your UCC filing life cycle, including tracking jurisdictional requirements and expirations, calculating UCC filing fees, processing documents, writing checks and submitting UCC filings—all within our comprehensive system. Filing a UCC is only the first step with NACM. We will monitor all the UCC-1 filings in your portfolio for expiration or continuation, notifying you in advance of the deadlines so that you can take the appropriate action.

Service begins with the Financing Statement Filing Program. As part of the start-up process, NACM can break down your business and distribution channel to determine the most effective type of filing for your business. Getting started is easy; NACM can assist you in writing the two key pieces of documentation for filing: your security agreement and collateral description. Once written, you're ready to file.

NACM prepares and files both Blanket and Purchase Money Security Interest Filings in addition to Consignments. NACM will assist you in getting started; all you'll need after start-up is the name, address and corporate structure of your customer. NACM will take it from there. Security agreements will be generated and emailed for signatures, checks will be prepared and the filings will be mailed or electronically filed in the appropriate offices. NACM will calculate and schedule all follow-ups.

Meeting Article 9's PMSI requirements can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. NACM's UCC Filing Services will handle everything, searching for previously secured creditors and then preparing, mailing and tracking the required notification letters. Once the process is complete, all related files are uploaded to our website so you can access them at any time.

NACM's state-of-the-art technology is easy to learn. A simple single screen format lets you complete your requests with confidence. Secured Transaction Services will maintain an electronic backup and provide reporting within the filing system. The report includes UCC-1 expiration dates and UCC-3 filings. Reporting is provided at no additional charge.

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UCC-3 Services

NACM's UCC Filing Services provides assistance in the preparation of your continuations, amendments, partial releases and terminations (UCC-3 Filings). Every entry you make into the filing system is added to your own personal database, which makes filing continuations, amendments or terminations possible with a simple search and click.

Archiving Service

In order to avoid errors or potentially miss a continuation, it's advisable to have all your UCC filings in one database. NACM's UCC Filing Services offers an optional Archiving Service for new clients who previously filed themselves or used another UCC service. Under the Archiving Service, NACM will enter and monitor your previous filings in our database for a low flat fee.

Tracking Service

It almost goes without saying that all creditors should track the lapse dates of financing statements in their portfolio. Prior to that lapse date, you need to make the decision of whether to continue that filing. If one slips through the cracks, allowing a financing statement to unintentionally lapse poses a serious risk to your ability to collect should the debtor default.

There is no need to budget a high dollar amount for UCC expiration tracking. In fact, NACM offers expiration tracking at no cost to customers who use NACM for UCC searches and filing.

NACM's UCC Filing Services will send out two notification emails to alert you of a pending continuation deadline. In addition, you can easily track the expiration dates of your entire UCC financing statement filings portfolio within the NACM system. To be specific, NACM will automatically notify you up to six months prior to the expiration dates of your UCC filings. With this notification, you can quickly decide which filings require continuation and which can lapse. You can even run your own expiration report at any time with our flexible reporting tools.

UCC Filing Service Fees

It takes time and resources to calculate filing fees, request checks from your accounting department or to manage deposit accounts. By outsourcing your UCC filings to NACM's UCC Filing Services, you can eliminate this costly administrative process. From security agreement and collateral description preparation through UCC-1 filings, amendments and continuations, NACM can assist you in creating and managing your secured transactions anywhere in the United States.

Fees below do not include recordation taxes for FL & TN filings or filing fees in excess of $50. (Fees effective as of January 1, 2015)

Filing Serviceg Service


Pre UCC Filing Corporate Structure Verification

$45.00, plus all search and copy costs

Security Agreement Preparation


Blanket or Basic UCC Filing

$105.00 includes filing fees

Purchase Money Security Interest Filing

       - Inventory

$195.00 plus certified mail cost per notifications exceeding 3; additional mailing cost for international notifications

       - Equipment

$105.00, includes filing fees

Consignment Filing

$195.00 plus certified mail cost per notifications exceeding 3; additional mail cost for international notifications

Amendment / Continuation Filing

$90.00 plus certified mail cost for notifications exceeding 3; additional mail cost for international notifications

Archiving Service

$15.00 per filing

UCC Debtor Search outside of filing

$55.00, plus all search and copy costs