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NACM’s MLBS is proud to offer informational products and services designed to simplify the entire notice, lien and bond claim filing process. From collecting job information through foreclosure, MLBS’ staff will answer your questions, free up your time and save you money.

Whether you’re leveraging smaller receivable balances or truly justifying your credit against the value of the piece of property being improved, MLBS offers a variety of service options and solutions to meet your needs.


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The MLBS Lien Navigator includes a clean, simple interface:

We've reorganized the most important activities on the Navigator so that they are intuitive to find and even easier to use. This next generation version provides quicker critical notifications, along with new events and news sections.

Call Chris Ring at 410-302-0767 to request a 20 minute live demo session.

CHANGE ORDERS: Helpful reminders of pending legislation.
  • AIA Updates Payment Bond Form
  • California Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
    (effective 7/1/2012)
  • California Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
    (effective 1/1/11 )
  • Colorado Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
  • Florida Mechanic's Lien/Bond
    (effective 10/1/11 )
  • Iowa Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
    (effective 1/1/13)
  • Illinois Mechanic's Lien/Bond
  • Illinois Mechanic's Lien/Bond
    (effective 1/1/13)
  • Miller Act Update
  • Mississippi Lien Statute 715 & 772
  • New Jersey Mechanic’s Lien
  • New Hampshire Mechanic's Lien/Bond
    (proposed effecive date 1/1/13)
  • New York Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
  • North Carolina Mechanic's Lien/Bond
  • Oklahoma Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
    (effective 11/1/11)
  • Oregon Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
  • Pennsylvania Mechanic's Lien/Bond
  • Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien /Bond (P3)
  • Rhode Island Lien Statute
  • Texas Notice of Retainage
    (proposed effective date 9/1/11)
  • Texas Standardize Waiver
    (effective 1/1/12)
  • Utah Lien Statue
    (effective 5/1/2011)
  • Utah Mechanic’s Lien/Bond
  • Washington DC Mechanic's Lien/Bond Statute

Have you heard of any pending changes to lien law? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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