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 OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma HB 2237 sponsored by Rep. Joe Dorman has been referred to the Rules Committee. As introduced the Act relates to liens; amending 42 O.S. 2011, Sections 142, 142.6, 143 and 150, which relate to mechanics' and materialmen's liens; modifying requirements for filing statement; decreasing time for filing statement; correcting statute citations; specifying time for filing statement; removing pre-lien notice exceptions; adding requirement for filing statement; increasing time for filing statement; and providing an effective date.

Specifically the Act eliminates the Prime Contractor's 4 month window for filing a lien, requiring all liens to be filed with 90 days of last furnishing.  The Act also eliminates the two NTO exceptions, (1) the residential exception and (2) the $10,000 threshold exception.

If signed into law this act would become effective November 1, 2013.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020

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