Future residential projects in California will likely take place farther outside of wooded areas, and more will be completed by licensed, contract workers. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) reached out to thousands of residents affected by the California campfires and wildfires urging them to only work with licensed contractors to ensure projects are made safely to withstand future disasters.

A recent article from Bloomberg stated California's wildfire epidemic can be attributed to poor building planning. Too many homes were built in hazardous areas, and with climate change only encouraging the fires more, future construction efforts will need to be changed.

"It's a land-use issue," said Alice Hill, a senior adviser for climate resilience to President Barack Obama in the Bloomberg piece. She said if homes weren't built in such dangerous areas, "we would still have the fires. But we wouldn't have this kind of devastation."

The CSLB also threatened unlicensed contractors with fines and felony charges, should any construction projects take place in disaster areas without a formal contract present.

Construction creditors in California should be wary of all projects and ensure any supplies being used for wildfire relief are sent to verified contractors building in non-hazardous areas. With the wildfires continuing, construction efforts will increase and so will the need to be cautious when extending credit.

—Christie Citranglo, editorial associate