American Homebuilders Incorporate Robots Into Workforce

June 27, 2018

With the demand up for single-family homes and the amount of laborers down, homebuilders explore the use of robots on the job. With 910,000 homes expected to be built by the end of 2018, creative problem solving kicks in with robots taking on the jobs more quickly and for much less cost than a traditional labor force.

Following the Great Recession, jobs within the construction industry were depleted, driving workers out of the industry—sometimes even before they were able to enter it. Similarly Baby Boomers have dominated the blue collar, construction-industry jobs for decades; as this generation readies for retirement, laborers continue to dwindle. Crackdown on immigrant workers also drives away new employees, while Millennials continue to trade a construction job for a degree.

Using robots for homebuilding isn’t new: Europe has been doing it for decades. Using robots has been proven to cut the time of building a home by half, increasing production and decreasing time spent on the task. American homebuilders still need to work out a few kinks in the system, but bricklaying with robotics has seen the most success thus far.

—Christie Citranglo, editorial associate

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