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VIRGINIA - HB 1913 became effective in Virginia on 7/1/13 and eliminated the mechanic's lien rights of an unlicensed contractor when a valid contractor's license or certificate was legally required for the labor performed or materials furnished. The bill also requires contractors to provide, on the memorandum for a mechanic's lien:

Their license or certificate number.The dates on which their license or certificate were issued.The dates on which their license or certificate will expire.A certification that a license or certificate was not legally required for the labor performed or materials furnished, in the instance that the contractor in question has no license or certificate.

The legislation was introduced by Delegate Scott Surovell (D) and signed into law by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) on March 13, 2013. It provided for approximately three months from the date of its signature—until July 1, 2013—for contractors to acquire licenses. Now that the bill is in effect, contractors without a license performing work on projects that require them will not be able to assert their mechanic's liens.

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News Maker - TENNESSEE

TENNESSEE:  TN HB 452 which was originally introduced during the 2009-2010 session has been revived and Feb 20, 2013 was placed on the Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for review on 2/26/13. Sponsored by Steve Hall (District 18) Stacey Campfield (District 7) would as introduced require property liens greater than $10,000 be based on a written contract or agreement unless the property lien arises from a judgment. Effective date 7/1/13. - Amends TCA Title 66.  - Amends TCA Title 66.  Click here: HB 452 to see the full text.

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